Photographer and documentarian Carl Corey explores the unique cultural landscape of the Midwest. With humor and wit, Corey’s photographic observations are like singular postcards identifying physical and societal landmarks. The series started as a 480-mile walk across Wisconsin on the historic Yellowstone Trail with a roadside view of the cross section of the humanity that inhabits it. It ends as a vision of the individuality of the human condition.

About Americaville –

Americaville was started as a syndicated picture column. My intention is to share observations and use one simple line of text to focus the viewer on my thoughts at the time I saw the picture. Americaville can be a little snarly at times, humorous at others, but always a portrayal of contemporary American culture. I adhere to the great Samuel Clemens philosophy of “Do what you know”. By doing so I have discovered how much I don't know.  I share observations, I don't make statements.